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Sparkle Gems Exotic is a leading semi precious slab manufactureroffering a variety of semi precous stone slabs.

Our semi precious slabs are made using genuine, natural semi precious stones. These gemstone slabs are used for a variety of building – interiors applications including wall cladding, floorings, semi precious stone counter tops, gemstone furniture, , agate slices, agate coasters, agate slabs, agate stone coasters, agate slice, bookends, stone slice, rough agate slices & several other applications to add  a touch of magnificence.

We offer a wide range of resin bonded slabs viz.
Agate slabs, Crystal quartz slabs, Semiprecious Stone Counter tops, Onyx Slabs Manufacturers White quartz slabs, Rose quartz slabs, Wild agate Slabs, Tiger’s eye slabs & many more

Being a foremost luxury stone manufacturer our focus is on producing very fine quality semi precious gemstone slabswhich have created a new benchmark in quality – using finest raw materials & excellent workmanship.

The semi precious slabs we offer are the most exotic stone surfaces a connoisseur can ask for .

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