Sparkle Gems Exotic is a leading manufacturer and exporter of finest quality semiprecious stone slabs based in India.

We offer a variety of semiprecious slabs also known as gemstone slabs or resin bonded gemstone slabs.

These semiprecious stone surfaces are used for interior applications in buildings - for flooring , cladding , vanity tops & a variety of furniture applications.

For Granites :
Our Products
Amethyst Slab Manufacturers Banded Black Agate Slab Blue Agate Slab Brown Agate Slab Crystal Agate Slab Glow Quartz slab Golden Crystal Quartz Slab
Amethyst Banded Black Agate Blue Agate Brown Agate Crystal Agate
Glow Quartz Golden Crystal Quartz
Green Aventurine Quartz  Slab Green Aventurine Quartz - Dark  Slab Jasper Pollock Slab Labradorite Slab Lapis Lazuli Slab Moss Agate Slab Orange Quartz Slab
Green Aventurine Quartz Green Aventurine Quartz - Dark Jasper Pollock Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Moss Agate Orange Quartz
Petrified Wood - Red Slab Petrified Wood - Yellow Slab Petrified Wood Brown Slab Red Jasper Slab Rose Quartz Slab Smoky Quartz Slab Smoky Quartz Dark
Petrified Wood - Red Petrified Wood - Yellow Petrified Wood Brown Red Jasper Rose Quartz Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz Dark
Smoky Quartz Light Slab Tigers Eye Slab Manufacturer Wild Agate Slab Wild Crystal Quartz Slab
Smoky Quartz Light Tigers Eye Slab Wild Agate Wild Crystal Quartz
For Granites :
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