Yellow Petrified Wood Slab   Slab 

Petrified Wood - Yellow

Hardness : 7
“Petro” means “rock” or “stone” in Greek. Petrified Wood is literally wood turned into stone. It is a type of fossil consisting of fossil wood where all the organic matter has been replaced with minerals (most often a silicate, such as Quartz) while retaining the original structure of wood. The pertification process occurs underground over a period of millions of years when wood becomes buried under sediments. Mineral rich water flowing through the sediments deposits minerals in the plant cells and as the plant cells decay away, a stone mould forms in its place. Some pieces retain the original cellular structure of wood thus tree rings can often be observed. Petrified Wood though fragile is harder than Steel. It is known for its exquisite colours and details.The various colours are due to the presence of different minerals. The combination of wood and minerals gives it a unique beauty which is unmatched.

Popular Belief :
Petrified Wood is said to help in concentration, increasing focus and grounding.
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